Enjoy Ice creams

close to nature

Harnessed the power of nature to its maximum using ingredients known to be as pure and as non-synthetic as possible

Enjoy health

based Smoothies

Using our pure ice creams in combination with additives like sunflower seeds, flaxseeds , honey, lemon, we constantly strive to serve you the best of health and taste

Enjoy our

delectable Sundaes

Our signature fruit/dry fruit/chocolate based ice creams overloaded with more of fruits/ dry fruits/pure chocolates and hand-crafted toppings, just to serve palatable health in your bowl.

Sugar free range for diabetic and calorie concious people. Products like hot chocolate fudge are all time favorites. Products for all ages and seasons.


The Guavaz advantage


Unique Recipes


Sugar free range for diabetic and calorie conscious people. Products like hot chocolate fudge are all time favorites. Products for all ages and seasons. Giving flexibility to franchisees to sell self-innovated products subject to approval.

Some very unique recipes are rendered for example “fruit sensation” containing a fusion of some rare and delectable fruits highly nutritious and tasty, badaam gulkand, apple apricot fusion, natural butterscotch and so on(along list).

A very rich and creamy texture of the ice creams compared to competitive brands. Transferrence of some important recipes of some products like hot dry fruit porridge, gulab jamuns, chocolate syrup, natural waffles etc. to franchisees.


Ambience - Simple and silent
Staff - Friendly and courteous. Food - This outlet has lots of varieties and flavours and you end up with ordering more than one. Taste wise very good , I tried all fruit sundae which had, seasonal fruits and dry fruits topped on anjeer flavoured ice cream, very tasty and mouth watering . Cost - little Pricy. Overall - A must try if you are living in Manikonda.

-Sainath Gupta


What Our Customers are Saying.

After looking at their reviews streak we decided to visit this place. They offer delicious natural ice creams. We have tried Custard Apple/Sitaphal, Butterscotch, Badam Gulkand, and malai icecream. Really loved their Sithaphal and Gulkand icecream. Malai was lacking the taste. But overall a very good place which offers delicious ice creams at relatively cheaper price. Will visit again to try their other flavours.

-Seshadri Reddy

A good place with variety of flavours. One should try the Mango yogurt. That's my favourite. Compared to Naturals, I think they serve better quality of ice cream and more variety. The quantity is also sufficient.

-Debaduti Das

Amazing collection of natural flavour Icecream, very nice staff who help you in choosing the right Icecream for your taste.

-Ritesh Mathur


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